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miércoles, 3 de diciembre de 2014

Canto al amor -o sea- Una ñoñería muy ñoña en inglés

[Publico lo siguiente con el único objetivo de animar (¿o enterrar?) este blog. No es un poema y nisiquiera está relacionado con la música. Es un ejercicio literario de hacer metáforas que tuve que hacer en su día para el inglés. Las palabras entre los guiones explican qué quise decir con la metáfora que los precede. Los que no saben inglés, no van a perderse nada (en este caso)]. 

I have just returned from the dream land. When the moon starts to reign I always go there. But I always must return when the sun takes the crown from the moon. In this way we spend the majority of our tale—our life—. But we must fill our pages with other experiences to make a good story. We can not spend our life only in the dark kingdom.

One of the most beautiful way how to outwit the thief of our life—the time— is find somebody who has the key of our heart—fall in love—. When we share our heart with someone else we don’t perceive the river’s flowing—the time— in the same way. It seems that the flowing is very slow and we can perceive and enjoy every drop.

The sense of the river’s flowing is understand it like a lot of drops of opportunities and beauty, and go throw it, downstream or upstream, with somebody else who can hold our hand when the current is adverse.

Romana Hanzlová

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